WHY and HOW do I Write a Personal Message to Connect on Social Media? 

As business owners we receive invitations to connect on Social Media on a daily basis.  With the opportunity to connect and engage on LinkedIn, Alignable, Facebook, etc., it is essential to personalize your initial messages. Based upon your business goals, why you would like to connect, and what you’re trying to accomplish, consider these Connection […]

How Do I Protect My Calendar?

Time is precious!  In our rapidly changing, time-conscious world, we are forced to get more done, with fewer people, in less time.  The quantity of time will not change.  There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day.  What needs to change is our perception of time […]

How do I Answer the Question . . . What are the Entry Points to Connect with You?

As you probably know, I love one-on-one meetings with interesting individuals I meet through networking and how I encourage a “Call to Action” for next steps to stay connected, collaborate, etc. Toward the end of my conversation with Kim Jacques a Midlife Health & Lifestyle Coach, she asked, “What Entry Points can I share or […]

How do I Engage with Individuals Who Invite Me to Connect on Social Media?

If we are going to invest our time and energy on Social Media platforms, it is essential to connect and engage with the individuals we meet.  As I utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, and Alignable, my strategy is to“Make an Introduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention” to earn the opportunity for a one-on-one to “Discover Wants & Needs”.   […]

WHY & What Contact Information Should I Share in Networking Zoom Chats?

If you are engaging in networking on Zoom, you have the opportunity to share your contact information in the chat. Different groups and events sometimes have specific items they ask for or not, so it’s important to follow their lead. For instance, some ask for only the information you would have on your business card, […]

Why and How Should I Create an Email Address with My Domain Name?

As I meet individuals at networking events, I save their contact information so I can connect, develop relationships, share referrals, etc. Too often entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers use previous personal, comcast.net, gmail.com, or other domain email addresses. While I realize we sometimes begin with a general email address, as […]

How Do I Become a Thought Leader?

Being a thought leader is sharing your story, wondering about, and expressing ideas that demonstrate your subject-matter expertise.  As a professional, expert, authority, specialist, consultant, observer, etc., you become an influencer when your words are reinforced by action such as not only “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk”.  When you provide value, you earn […]

How do I use a Goal Planning Sheet to Set & Achieve Goals?

Week 4 of January 2022 is still a great time to set and achieve goals.  Notice that I said, “set and achieve”.  If you only think about step one, setting a goal, without WHY and HOW you will achieve it, you miss the opportunity to set the tone to take action that drives success.  Why […]

How do I Organize My Desk & Workspace?

As we Kick-Off 2022, it’s a great time to organize your desk and workspace to be efficient, effective, and productive. I celebrate being left-handed as to the left of my laptop I have all my “Discovering Wants & Needs” documents with notes for “Next Steps” ready to go for upcoming meetings. I have a file […]

How do YOU Fill your KASH Box?

KNOWLEDGE*Knowing WHAT to DO ATTITUDE*Desire to TAKE ACTION SKILLS*Knowing HOW to DO HABITS*The DOING What actions are you taking on a daily, weekly, monthly basis to bridge the KNOWING / DOING Gap? You are excited to share your knowledge, skills, and expertise with your customers and clients. You know your Competitive Edge ~ problems you […]