How do I Organize My Desk & Workspace?

As we Kick-Off 2022, it’s a great time to organize your desk and workspace to be efficient, effective, and productive. I celebrate being left-handed as to the left of my laptop I have all my “Discovering Wants & Needs” documents with notes for “Next Steps” ready to go for upcoming meetings. I have a file for all clients that are readily accessible for Coaching and Accountability Partner Sessions.

Because I support individuals with Career Development including resume development and interview preparation, along with leadership, communication, and teaming, I have a separate folder for those in process and to follow-up for next steps.

While you might be utilizing a CRM to track your prospective client journey, creating smaller folders for next steps based upon your future needs is essential. I have a folder for one-on-ones that need to be scheduled/re-scheduled, rotating folders for monthly, 3-month, and 6-month follow-up as appropriate, and my “yellow folder” of Strategic Referral Power Partners so I can easily refer and collaborate with, for, and on behalf of mutual clients.

In a filing cabinet, I have industry-specific folders based upon my Target Market such as Business Services, Direct Sales, Education & Nonprofits, Entrepreneurship, Financial Services & Insurance, Health & Wellness, Marketing & Sales, Manufacturing, Real Estate & Mortgage Lenders, and Technology for everyone I’ve ever met with. This provides a sense of satisfaction when I can find notes from a meeting over 2 years ago and we can continue the conversation on where we’ve been, where we’re headed, and how we can take our businesses to the next level.

To support my work/life balance, I keep my current travel planning documents to the right of my laptop ready to plan, confirm, and leverage deals!

What do you need at your fingertips to be efficient, effective, and productive?

Work Smart . . . Achieve Results . . . Celebrate Often!

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