WHY & What Contact Information Should I Share in Networking Zoom Chats?

If you are engaging in networking on Zoom, you have the opportunity to share your contact information in the chat. Different groups and events sometimes have specific items they ask for or not, so it’s important to follow their lead. For instance, some ask for only the information you would have on your business card, where others ask for who might be a good referral for you, while some ask for your latest LinkedIn or Facebook post to support. No matter what, you want to optimize this information based upon your business and marketing strategy.

My purpose for engaging in networking is to “Make an Introduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention”, so I “earn” the opportunity for a one-on-one to “Discover Wants & Needs”. Therefore, I want to share information that makes it easy for someone to reach out to me with a “Call to Action” for next steps.

You want to have your information saved on a Word Document so you can easily copy and paste it into
the chat. You might need to have additional information prepared ahead of time for different groups as I
mentioned above.

Here is my basic information and WHY . . .

Full Contact Information. I know due to privacy you may choose to leave some information out, but make sure you include any ways you’d like someone to connect. I choose to include my name, business, role, address, phone, a Call to Action about Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial, email, website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Alignable, a Call to Action to schedule a one-on-one, a Call to Action to join the Making It HAPPEN! Facebook Group, a Call to Action to subscribe to my newsletter.

This is your opportunity to maximize the real estate within the chat. You can only copy and paste a certain number of characters within the space. The amount below is what fits. Note that I have include my full contact information and multiple Calls to Action based upon someone’s interests and needs. Be sure your links are active and begin with https:// so they are clickable. Know that individuals who join late will not see your contact information, so you may want to wait until 10 minutes into the session to post your information for all to see.

Lisa Heintzelman
Illuminations Consulting
Business, Sales, & Leadership Coach
4661 N. Progress Ave.
Harrisburg, PA  17110
What are your thoughts about “Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial” to schedule one-on-ones and receive referrals?
Let’s continue the conversation – https://calendly.com/lisaheintzelman/chat-with-lisa
Engage with like-minded, like-hearted business owners in the Making It HAPPEN! Facebook Group
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inbox to Kick-Off your Month?  

Below is additional information that I might share based upon the group in a 2nd post. I try to find a time in the chat when I can post these back-to-back, so my information is together.

Engaging with service and relationship-based entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers who are great at their craft and specialty. If you are passionate about solving problems and bringing value to individuals, families, business owners, teams, organizations, and/or communities, but don’t like to “sell”, let’s plan a time to chat about maximizing your marketing and sales process – https://calendly.com/lisaheintzelman/chat-with-lisa

Collaborating with branding, marketing, website professionals, and virtual assistants to work with, for, and on behalf of mutual clients as Strategic Referral Power Partners.  

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Again, only include the additional information above if it is meaningful and purposeful to the Group you are networking with.

Bonus Tip: Update your Zoom Profile to include your Professional Photo and Rename yourself to you
and your business such as Lisa Heintzelman, Illuminations Consulting – https://us02web.zoom.us/profile.
You can also Rename yourself during a Zoom meeting with the information you want by right-clicking on
your name and select Rename to update your Screen Name.

Along with sharing your contact information, be sure to save the chat by right-clicking in the chat to select all and copy & paste onto a Word document for your follow-up, or as I like to say “next steps”.
As you engage in networking on Zoom, maximize the use of the Chat to enhance your branding and
marketing to achieve the results YOU desire. If you’d like to “Kick your Chat Information Up a Notch”,
let’s plan a time to continue the conversation.

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