100 Voices of
Inspiration, Awareness & Empowerment

Investing Our Time
A chapter by Lisa L. Heintzelman, M.Ed., Illuminations Consulting.

"One of the concepts I wonder about is time. I continue to explore, share, and reflect upon time and productivity.
When I engage in something I love, time flies by; that’s how I want to live my life every day."

~ Lisa L. Heintzelman

What a privilege to be invited to write and lead #TeamBelieve2AchieveBiz as we share our experiences within the compilation book, 100 Voices of Inspiration, Awareness, and Empowerment. While you’re exploring the insights and revelations within these stories, know that united with your WHY, motivation drives success!

My Chapter, Investing Our Time, explores best practices and strategies for proactively investing your time with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity. How would you like to receive a return on investment on your time, energy, and dollars, rather than feeling like you’ve spent and lost time as it passes by? Read and implement Investing Our Time today!

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Lisa L. Heintzelman, M.Ed., Illuminations Consulting

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