How do I Engage with Individuals Who Invite Me to Connect on Social Media?

If we are going to invest our time and energy on Social Media platforms, it is essential to connect and engage with the individuals we meet.  As I utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, and Alignable, my strategy is to
“Make an Introduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention” to earn the opportunity for a one-on-one to “Discover Wants & Needs”.  

I have created a series of messages that I can customize as appropriate per platform.  Consider including your calendar link and the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter or share another complimentary valuable offer.  

When you receive Invitations to Connect from someone you don’t know . . . 

Hi First Name

Thank you for inviting me to connect on LinkedIn, Facebook, Alignable.  Please introduce yourself and tell me more about Business Name or your role with Business Name.   

How can I support you through our connection?  

Your First Name

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After someone introduces themselves, keep the conversation going by asking something of value related to the problems you solve . . .   

Hi First Name, 

Thank you for connecting with me on LinkedIn, Facebook, Alignable.  I have found LinkedIn, Facebook, Alignable to be a powerful tool to develop relationships and share value to drive marketing and sales success.  

How are you using and finding value with LinkedIn, Facebook, Alignable? 

Your First Name

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Asking open-ended questions provide the opportunity for the individual to share about their business, role, interests, etc. in a conversational way.  This sets the tone for next steps, such as scheduling a one-on-one.     

How are you developing relationships through social media?  

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