The Vision of Illuminations Consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to actively pursue their goals and realize their dreams by investing time and energy in developing and sustaining a strategy and competitive edge to achieve measurable results and ultimately, Optimize Your SUCCESS!

Core Values

that drive Illuminations Consulting:


Listening to and understanding
ideas, needs, and interests


Developing respect and rapport
through communication


Maximizing individual, team, and
organizational potential


Teaming with strategic partners
with a focus on excellence


The Mission of Illuminations Consulting is engaging with entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers to drive success by working both “IN” and “ON” your business and building dynamic leadership, management, and sales teams focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.


We live our Values with a Commitment to:

Individuals & Teams

  • Pursuing your passion, charting your course, and realizing your dreams
  • Maximizing individual, team, and leadership potential
  • Working your ABS – Attitudes, Behaviors, and Skills
  • Setting and achieving personal, professional, and organizational goals
  • Inspiring ideas, communication, innovation, and collaboration
  • Developing and sustaining high performance teams

Businesses & Organizations

  • Creating systems to enhance efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity
  • Improving employee satisfaction and morale
  • Promoting continuous quality improvement
  • Generating clients and maintaining loyal customers
  • Achieving measurable results, increasing profits, sustaining success
  • Celebrating a return on investment


  • Engaging in lifelong learning to improve knowledge, skills, and processes
  • Facilitating processes to maximize leadership and organizational success
  • Developing relationships while sharing resources, tools, and best practices
  • Establishing and maintaining collaborative, respectful relationships
  • Recognizing and celebrating your SUCCESS! 
  • Delivering excellence, results, and a return on investment

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What Clients are Saying

I was introduced to Illuminations Consulting at a time when I needed to decide to take my business seriously or pack up and go home. Lisa helped me craft a Vision and Mission Statement that organized all the pieces and parts into an achievable set of goals. It is amazing to see how far the business has progressed in less than two years.
Debra Bender
Half Moon Handwerks

Strategic Thinking & Planning Strategies for SUCCESS!

Creating a Strategic Business Framework!