Optimizing YOUR Success!


The Vision

The Vision of Illuminations Consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to actively pursue their goals and realize their dreams by investing time and energy in developing and sustaining a strategy and competitive edge to achieve measurable results and ultimately, Optimize Your SUCCESS!

Core Values that drive Illuminations Consulting:

Responsiveness ~ Listening to and understanding individual and team ideas, needs, and interests
Integrity ~ Developing respect and rapport through communication
Quality ~ Maximizing the potential of individuals, teams, and organizations
Collaboration ~ Teaming with strategic partners with, for, and on behalf of clients

The Mission of Illuminations Consulting is to invest time and energy in engaging with entrepreneurs and business owners to drive success with a focus of not only working “IN” your business, but “ON” your business and building dynamic management and sales teams focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity to save time, energy, and dollars.

The Vision

How are you investing your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire?

Work Smart . . . Achieve Results . . . Celebrate Often!