How do I use a Goal Planning Sheet to Set & Achieve Goals?

Week 4 of January 2022 is still a great time to set and achieve goals.  Notice that I said, “set and achieve”.  If you only think about step one, setting a goal, without WHY and HOW you will achieve it, you miss the opportunity to set the tone to take action that drives success. 

Why Set Goals?  

  • Pursue your passion and purpose based upon your WHY 
  • Make effective decisions, take action, and bring out “the best” in you 
  • Maximize individual, team, and organizational potential
  • Invest your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire! 

If you don’t set your own goals, someone else will set them for you!

Identify your Goal 

  • Be sure it’s SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely 
  • Identify and be prepared to celebrate the rewards for achieving it 
  • Know and care about the consequences if you don’t achieve it 
  • Own your goal and embrace WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) to increase motivation

Create your Action Plan   

  • Identify obstacles, barriers, distractions, interruptions, negative mindsets 
  • Brainstorm possible solutions to overcome obstacles and barriers 
  • Identify the action steps including research, planning, creating processes, etc. 
  • Create a timeline for each action step as it relates to daily, weekly, monthly activities 

Achieve your Goal    

  • Identify affirmations, I AM statements, that reflect you have accomplished the goal
  • Embrace the time, energy, and dollars to achieve the results YOU desire   
  • Implement your action plan with confidence, motivation, and persistence 
  • Create habits and celebrate your successes to stimulate growth and development

Remember all things must be mentally accomplished 

before they can be physically achieved.

Planning ~ It’s easier, cheaper, and faster than trial and error. 

Would you build a house without a blueprint?

Goals = Direction / Action Steps / Measuring Progress

Results in your Personal, Professional, and Business Life!

Are you where you want to be? . . . If not?  Why Not? . . . If not now?  WHEN?
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