How Do I Become a Thought Leader?

Being a thought leader is sharing your story, wondering about, and expressing ideas that demonstrate your subject-matter expertise.  As a professional, expert, authority, specialist, consultant, observer, etc., you become an influencer when your words are reinforced by action such as not only “talk the talk”, but “walk the walk”.  When you provide value, you earn credibility, respect, and rapport.  

To be strategic, meaningful, and purposeful, it’s essential to be thoughtful (pun intended) based on these questions and topics.  First, brainstorm “What’s your WHY for Becoming a Thought Leader?”  How does it relate to your personal, professional, business, and organizational goals?  Who is your target audience?  What content, topics, and best practices do you want to share based upon your Competitive Edge ~ problems you solve, value you bring, why do business with you?  Why and how would your audience like to receive and engage with your content?  What’s your Call to Action . . . what would you like to accomplish?    

Utilizing platforms that relate to your strengths AND anticipating how your audience wants to receive your content is key for successful thought leadership.  Which media makes sense for you and your audience ~ public speaking, writing a book, television, radio, magazines, content marketing, social media, blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars, etc.?  

This is my year three of writing, sharing, and engaging with “Best Practice Strategies for SUCCESS!”.  How are you providing your audience with accurate, valuable, and insightful information on a consistent basis? 

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