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The Illuminations Consulting
Competitive Edge

Ultimately increasing results and profits with a demonstrated return on investment!​

Maximizing Individual,
Team, and Organizational Potential

Bridging the Gap
from Where You Are Now to Where You Want to Be

Offering Value
to Businesses and Organizations

Personal, Professional & Business Coaching

Collaborating with individuals and teams as an accountability partner

What is your passion? What does success mean to you and your organization? How are you setting goals, achieving results, and celebrating accomplishments?


Supporting businesses and nonprofit organizations with identifying priorities

How are you starting with WHY to drive WHAT, HOW, with WHOM, and WHEN? What if you could realize your Vision, Core Values, Mission, and Competitive Edge?

Entrepreneurial Leadership & Strategic Thinking

Collaborating with entrepreneurs to develop a strategy & competitive edge 

How are you highlighting the problems you solve and value you bring? What if you could provide the opportunity for your customers to buy and clients to engage?


 Increasing profits with commissioned professionals and sales teams

What are your strategies to develop a relationship and close a sale? How are you capitalizing on your marketing and sales process?

Executive Leadership Development

Develop big picture thinking and massive action

How is your vision fostering creativity, innovation, change, and growth?  What if you could maximize resources to ensure sustained success?


Maximizing individual, team, and organizational potential

How are you enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity? What if you could create high performing teams with strong leadership?

Team Leadership Development

Developing superworkers into supervisors and then great managers

How are you promoting from within to accomplish goals and outcomes? What are your ideas to actively communicate and motivate your team?



Empowering individuals to pursue professional and organizational goals

What are your plans to maximize leadership potential? How are you and your employees developing collaborative teams focused on performance?


Collaborating with individuals and teams to proactively invest time

How are you effectively prioritizing your to do list to accomplish goals? What if you could invest your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire?

Trusted Advisors Network

Illuminations Consulting is affiliated with the Trusted Advisors Network, a leader in business coaching, leadership, management, organizational, and sales development.

The Network is dedicated to supporting Trusted Advisors, Consultants, and Coaches to empower individuals and organizations to implement strategic change, innovation, cultural transformation, and goal achievement with tailored solutions focused on efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, profitability, and growth.

Everything we do is about maximizing individual, team, and organizational potential, while achieving measurable results!

How would you like to work smart, achieve results, and celebrate often? 

What Clients are Saying

I joined forces with Lisa to overcome barriers that I had inside of me, but couldn’t pinpoint what they were that was holding me back from the things I knew I should be doing. I can’t tell you how she brought those things to light because it was so subtle, yet she succeeded in clearing the way for me to succeed to my highest level.
Terri Harmon
Coldwell Banker