Why and How Should I Create an Email Address with My Domain Name?

As I meet individuals at networking events, I save their contact information so I can connect, develop relationships, share referrals, etc. Too often entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers use previous personal, comcast.net, gmail.com, or other domain email addresses.

While I realize we sometimes begin with a general email address, as we are initially planning or launching our business, when you obtain your own domain such as https://illuminationsconsulting.com, your email address should match such as lisa@illuminationsconsulting.com.

Here’s the reason why to update your email address with your domain. If you see any of these email addresses isolated from my other contact information, such as riverck64@gmail.com, lisa.heintzelman@comcast.net, or illuminationsconsulting@gmail.com, you are not able to quickly realize this is someone named Lisa from Illuminations Consulting and potentially be intrigued to visit my website at https://illuminationsconsulting.com.

Although commissioned professionals such as realtors, mortgage lenders, financial advisors, and insurance professionals sometimes have limited choices for their email addresses, be sure to include the most concise information such as lisa.heintzelman@remax.com, etc. Similarly, direct sales and network marketers can customize emails with their name and company, so we can find you!

Have your website host help you set up your email address across your devices, so you are synced and your branding is consistent. After you create your new email address, be sure to update your contact information across all platforms. Tip: Google your name and business name individually and together to update your information on all directories and platforms. You want to make it easy for a potential customer or client to reach you in their preferred way to communicate!

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