10 Interpersonal Skills that Set Professionals Apart

How do you come to the table as a professional? I celebrate #4 and take it one step further to ActiveListening. How are you listening to really understand, rather than just to respond? Read the full article here.

Increase Your Business by 1% per Month to Grow 12% in a Year

As we Wrap-Up the 1 st half of 2022 and Kick-Off the 2 nd half, what are your plans to grow by December 2022? We all have different relationships with goals, numbers, metrics, etc. Even if you don’t like numbers, consider this math. If you increase your business by 1% each month, you will grow […]

How do I Engage with Individuals Who Invite Me to Connect on Social Media?

If we are going to invest our time and energy on Social Media platforms, it is essential to connect and engage with the individuals we meet.  As I utilize LinkedIn, Facebook, and Alignable, my strategy is to“Make an Introduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention” to earn the opportunity for a one-on-one to “Discover Wants & Needs”.   […]

Quality Quotes: Gilbert Amelio

“Developing excellent communication skillsis absolutely essential to effective leadership.The leader must be able to share knowledge and ideasto transmit a sense of urgency and enthusiasm to others.“ ~ Gilbert Amelio How are you motivating others to take initiative and be proactive?

This is How You Should End Your Four Most Common Work Conversations

It is essential to be prepared for your next step or “Call to Action” in sales conversations.  If after sharing your Scope of Work or Proposal, your potential client says, “I’d like to think about it.”, respond with, “Let’s plan a time to chat next week. How is . . .?” and schedule it on […]

Stop Multitasking to Be Efficient, Effective, and Productive

While I thought that I was good at multitasking, I realized I was confusing multitasking with being aware of the big picture, my surroundings, and specific details.  How many times do you let yourself get interrupted by notifications on your phone or computer, while writing your blog and deciding to “quickly” respond to an email, […]

WHY & What Contact Information Should I Share in Networking Zoom Chats?

If you are engaging in networking on Zoom, you have the opportunity to share your contact information in the chat. Different groups and events sometimes have specific items they ask for or not, so it’s important to follow their lead. For instance, some ask for only the information you would have on your business card, […]

Quality Quotes: Jill Rowley

“The modern sales professional doubles as an information concierge,providing the right information to the right personat the right time in the right channel.“ ~ Jill Rowley How are you being strategic about your Buying/Selling process?

12 Cold Email Tips

Consider your business goals to decide WHY and HOW to send cold emails. It’s a great way to “Make anIntroduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention”. How are you incorporating your Competitive Edge ~problems you solve . . . value you bring . . . why do business with you ~ in your emails to keep your […]

Be Clear and Concise in Your Messaging

Two years ago, I lost my mom, Nancy Peck, who was significant in developing me as a writer with a focus on being clear, concise, and having a strong close. Today, my significant other, William Bopp, is my proofreader. He suggested that I write about the importance of being clear and concise in your messaging. […]