Increase Your Business by 1% per Month to Grow 12% in a Year

As we Wrap-Up the 1 st half of 2022 and Kick-Off the 2 nd half, what are your plans to grow by December 2022? We all have different relationships with goals, numbers, metrics, etc.

Even if you don’t like numbers, consider this math. If you increase your business by 1% each month, you will grow by 12% over the course of a year, which means if you start today, you can grow at least 6% by the end of 2022.

Think about achieving this 1% in terms of your WHY and purpose . . . what you really care about and
enjoy. It does not have to be related to numbers and dollars. Consider these 5 areas of focus within your
business and know that if you choose just 1 of these 5 activities, you could grow your business by 1%
each month.

For Prospecting & Marketing

Reflect upon how you met your last 5 customers or clients. Do more of that activity or strategy.

Phone Calls – Be consistent with your phone calls. If your plans are to make 10 calls per day, then schedule them in your calendar and reschedule those 10 calls if something comes up on a particular day.

If you make 50 calls per week and want to increase by 1%, make an extra call every other week.
If you want to grow exponentially, then make 51 calls per week, then 52, and so on.

Networking – Continue to show up, engage, and bring value at those particular networking events where you met your recent clients. Like-minded individuals attract like-minded individuals.

If you go to 10 networking events per month to increase by 1%, get a recommendation from a trusted networking partner for a new event and engage in 11 networking events per month. Review your networking events on at least a yearly basis to determine the value for your time, energy, and dollars. Even if they are “free”, you are still investing time that could be billable hours in your business.

Social Media – If a recent customer found you on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Alignable, reflect upon the content that inspired them to reach out to you. Based upon the topic, share more about the problems you solve and value you bring. As consumers we’re looking to buy and engage based upon the results and outcomes we receive from you, your product, or service.

If you post weekly on Social Media and engage with an average of 2 clients per month to increase by 1%, reach out to the individuals who like and engage with your posts for a one-on-one.

For Professional Development & Lifelong Learning

What strategy did you recently learn and integrate into your business? Why were you motivated to implement the strategy?

Webinar/Workshop – It’s easy for business owners to get distracted with the bright shiny objects of branding, marketing, prospecting, etc. Prioritize what you’d like to learn, develop, and implement based upon your business goals. If you want to be successful at creating funnels, go to 2 or 3 webinars/workshops and then create your plan to implement the best practice strategies before you sign up for different workshop such as social selling.

Give yourself at least 3 months to create, implement, and analyze a new strategy. Month 1 create your plan and begin to be consistent; Month 2 get proficient at your strategy and related technology; Month 3 see the traction and analyze to increase by 1%.

Coaching – Engage with a coach to support you in developing your strategy, increasing your brand awareness, maximizing your 30-second commercial, building your marketing plan, boosting your social media presence and engagement, sharpening your sales process, focusing your time, holding you accountable, etc.

If you invest $300.00 per month on your professional development, look for a return from 3x to 5x to 10x and more! Lifelong learning is priceless!

While consistency is key, know that consistency doesn’t mean that you must be totally structured, without the flexibility you desire. How are you investing your time and energy on daily, weekly, monthly basis to achieve the results that you desire?

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