What’s Your Mantra for 2020?

In my prior experience with education and workforce development, I noticed a disconnect between education, workforce, leadership, business, and entrepreneurship, so I’m bridging that gap.   Through Illuminations Consulting, I invest my time and energy in empowering individuals and organizations to be successful. I primarily work with entrepreneurs, business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and […]

Goal Setting & Achieving Strategies for SUCCESS!

What does success mean to you?  How are you identifying and implementing goals to support your personal, professional, & business success?  Creating a Goal Planning Sheet is a powerful tool to first, identify obstacles, barriers, and distractions and next, brainstorm possible to solutions to then, create timebound action steps and finally, achieve measurable outcomes.  If you […]


How are you investing your time and energy in networking to achieve the results YOU desire?  It’s essential to identify your purpose for networking based upon your business goals and competitive edge.  To effectively grow your business, your networking must be consistent, strategic, focused, and measured.  How are you introducing yourself at networking events?   […]

How do you respond to Facebook Friend Requests?

How many times do you receive Facebook Friend requests from potential prospects that you meet through networking?  Maybe you hoped that they would “like” your Business Facebook page or “join” your Business Facebook Group. You can always write a message whether you become a “friend” or not.  Here’s an example:  Thank you for the Facebook […]