WHY and HOW do I Write a Personal Message to Connect on Social Media? 

As business owners we receive invitations to connect on Social Media on a daily basis.  With the opportunity to connect and engage on LinkedIn, Alignable, Facebook, etc., it is essential to personalize your initial messages. Based upon your business goals, why you would like to connect, and what you’re trying to accomplish, consider these Connection […]

Quality Quotes: Harold Geneen

“Leadership is practiced not so much in words as in attitude and actions.“ ~ Harold Geneen How are you not just “talking the talk”, but “walking the walk”?


“Discovering Wants and Needs”, the third step in the Buying/Selling Process, is the opportunity to ask questions and explore topics to uncover how you can support a potential client.  I welcome the opportunity for that initial one-on-one meeting to learn about the individual and their business.  I am genuinely curious about WHY individuals do WHAT […]

How Do I Protect My Calendar?

Time is precious!  In our rapidly changing, time-conscious world, we are forced to get more done, with fewer people, in less time.  The quantity of time will not change.  There are 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day.  What needs to change is our perception of time […]

Quality Quotes: Stephen Covey

“Interdependent people combine their own efforts with the efforts of others to achieve their greatest success.“ ~ Stephen Covey How are you engaging and collaborating with others for the WIN WIN?

Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting Someone

I celebrate #3, Asking Open-Ended Questions.  I love to ask, “What’s your WHY and purpose?” or “What kind of COOL stuff do you do?”.  It is amazing what you learn through the stories and journeys of others!     How are you Making an Introduction and Gaining Favorable Attention?     Read the full article here.

Navigating the Bright Shiny Objects of Marketing

I LOVE hearing about the WHY and passion of service, relationship-based business owners.  You are excited to empower, support, educate, engage (and a host of other powerful action words) as you bring value to the individuals, families, businesses, teams, communities, and stakeholders you serve.  You are consultative, rather than transactional, in your practice as you […]

How do I Answer the Question . . . What are the Entry Points to Connect with You?

As you probably know, I love one-on-one meetings with interesting individuals I meet through networking and how I encourage a “Call to Action” for next steps to stay connected, collaborate, etc. Toward the end of my conversation with Kim Jacques a Midlife Health & Lifestyle Coach, she asked, “What Entry Points can I share or […]

Quality Quotes: Jim Rohn

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they’ll have planned for you? Not much.“ ~ Jim Rohn How are you being intentional based upon your WHY and purpose?