Your STRATEGY = Branding, Prospecting, Marketing, and Sales SUCCESS!

Launching a business is based upon your WHY, purpose, and passion! People care more about WHY you do WHAT you do and the problems you solve and value you bring. It’s not all about your products or services as we buy the result, outcome, or benefit. Consider, you don’t really need a shovel, but you […]

How to Follow Up with Prospects and Not be Annoying

Who has said, “I’m no good at follow-up.”? Consider eliminating the word follow-up from your vocabulary and think about this stage of your sales process as next steps. Be specific with your Call to Action based upon the needs of your potential clients. Example: While we are Social Distancing, it’s a great time to plan, […]

What’s your Process for turning Prospects into Clients?

As I meet potential clients through networking, LinkedIn, speaking engagements, referrals, etc., I schedule a time to meet in person or over the phone to learn about their business, target market, competitive edge, marketing, and sales process, how they invest their time, plan their schedule, focus on leadership, communication, teaming, and their overall priorities.  That […]