VISION = Branding, Marketing, Prospecting, & Sales SUCCESS!

Strategic Business Planning is essential to articulate your Vision, the “WHY” of your organization.  Live your Vision to accomplish your goals and achieve the results YOU desire!   Brainstorming is the best way to create your Vision Statement.  Your Vision is based upon your WHY (Purpose, life, passion, dreams, heart, story, beliefs, inspiration, drive, motivation, strengths).  […]

Can A Small Business Market Itself For Free? Here Are 13 Creative Tactics To Consider

As you engage in “free” networking opportunities, know that you are investing time and energy, so it’s essential to follow-up or plan for “next steps”. Here is my #14. Plan and Engage to Take Massive Action! Networking = Opportunities & Sales! Add the individuals you meet to your contacts, connect on LinkedIn, etc., explore their […]

Informational One-Pagers: Transactional or Consultative???

When business owners and salespeople are prospecting me, they sometimes share one-pagers with their information, benefits, and offerings prior to our initial meeting. As a consumer, I don’t care for having to invest my time and energy both in “reviewing” these documents and then also “sitting” through a sales pitch. This approach creates an easy […]

Your STRATEGY = Branding, Prospecting, Marketing, and Sales SUCCESS!

Launching a business is based upon your WHY, purpose, and passion! People care more about WHY you do WHAT you do and the problems you solve and value you bring. It’s not all about your products or services as we buy the result, outcome, or benefit. Consider, you don’t really need a shovel, but you […]