VISION = Branding, Marketing, Prospecting, & Sales SUCCESS!

Strategic Business Planning is essential to articulate your Vision, the “WHY” of your organization.  Live your Vision to accomplish your goals and achieve the results YOU desire!  

Brainstorming is the best way to create your Vision Statement.  Your Vision is based upon your WHY (Purpose, life, passion, dreams, heart, story, beliefs, inspiration, drive, motivation, strengths).  Begin with brainstorming your WHY.  

Then as you brainstorm your Vision, consider what you and your business will look like and become in the future (big picture).  Create your Vision Statement within this format . . . 

The Vision of Business Name is to . . .  

engage with who  

to do what – “big result”  

how – describe 

with a focus on – details 

what you want to ultimately want to become

Your Vision should be motivating, internally, for You and inspiring, externally, for your Target Market, Strategic Referral Power Partners, and Stakeholders.  Provide the opportunity for individuals to be curious and interested in engaging with you.   

The Vision of Illuminations Consulting is to empower individuals and organizations to actively pursue their goals and realize their dreams by investing time and energy in developing and sustaining a strategy and competitive edge to achieve measurable results and ultimately, Optimize Your SUCCESS!

My Competitive Edge or value is being able to pull the power words and phrases out of your head, heart, and soul that drive your branding, marketing, prospecting, and sales process.  Let’s plan a time to chat about and create your Vision Statement.

To realize your purpose, vision, and priorities, 

what action will you take in 2022? 

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