Great Leadership Traits

I celebrate #8. Great leaders invest in their own growth. As leaders and business owners, we have many opportunities to explore best practices. While knowledge is power, actually “Applied Knowledge is POWER!” How are you integrating your professional development into your business? Read the full story here.

It’s Never Too Late to Learn These 12 Powerful Leadership Habits

Developing and embracing your leadership qualities and abilities provides the opportunity to make an impact! Here’s my “C” to add to the list of habits. Character – Leading with and expecting trust, respect, responsibility, and integrity is essential. What’s your “C”? Read the full story here.

How do you describe the characteristics of a LEADER?

L – Listen . . . And more specifically active listening, so we ensure authentic communication and understanding! E – Empower . . . I invest my time and energy in empowering individuals and organizations to be successful! How are you maximizing individual, team, and organizational potential? A – Accountable . . . Creating clear […]