Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes Of Meeting Someone

I celebrate #3, Asking Open-Ended Questions.  I love to ask, “What’s your WHY and purpose?” or “What kind of COOL stuff do you do?”.  It is amazing what you learn through the stories and journeys of others!     How are you Making an Introduction and Gaining Favorable Attention?     Read the full article here.

10 Interpersonal Skills that Set Professionals Apart

How do you come to the table as a professional? I celebrate #4 and take it one step further to ActiveListening. How are you listening to really understand, rather than just to respond? Read the full article here.

This is How You Should End Your Four Most Common Work Conversations

It is essential to be prepared for your next step or “Call to Action” in sales conversations.  If after sharing your Scope of Work or Proposal, your potential client says, “I’d like to think about it.”, respond with, “Let’s plan a time to chat next week. How is . . .?” and schedule it on […]

12 Cold Email Tips

Consider your business goals to decide WHY and HOW to send cold emails. It’s a great way to “Make anIntroduction” and “Gain Favorable Attention”. How are you incorporating your Competitive Edge ~problems you solve . . . value you bring . . . why do business with you ~ in your emails to keep your […]

The 3-Step Process to Hiring Your First Assistant

Delegation and hiring a virtual or in-person assistant  provides a great opportunity to take your business to the next level.   How are you doing what you LOVE  as you work both “IN” and “ON” your business? Read the full story here.

Work from Home Success Strategies

Here’s my #11 . . .  I am ready to Kick-Off my day when I have all documents, emails, LinkedIn profiles, and websites open for all meetings and activities of the day.  This keeps me organized and focused while giving a sense of accomplishment as I Wrap-Up my day. What’s your Work from Home Success […]

7 Signs You Are Growing

Personal development and growth are essential to take your business to the next level. How are you engaging with a mentor, coach, or accountability partner? Read the full story here.