Facebook Groups: A Way to Connect with your Audience

To develop your Social Media Strategy, it’s essential to identify, “What’s your WHY for engaging on Facebook?” based upon your Target Market and Competitive Edge. Facebook Groups provide a place for individuals with similar interests to connect, share content, provide education, discuss topics, etc. You can customize the privacy settings and rules for your Group […]

Why and How do I create a Strategic Business Framework?

I help clients with branding and re-branding because it’s essential to be purposeful and strategic by creating your Strategic Business Framework to drive marketing and sales success. Strategic Business Planning creates your brand to articulate your Vision, the “WHY” of the organization, Core Values based upon absolutes that drive decision making, your Mission, the WHAT […]

Informational One-Pagers: Transactional or Consultative???

When business owners and salespeople are prospecting me, they sometimes share one-pagers with their information, benefits, and offerings prior to our initial meeting. As a consumer, I don’t care for having to invest my time and energy both in “reviewing” these documents and then also “sitting” through a sales pitch. This approach creates an easy […]

STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS! Best Practice Tip of the Week: Insights & Take-aways

With inspiration from Kelly Johnson of Kelly Johnson Photography, during an interview in her “Ask the Expert” series, I launched, “STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS!”, a Best Practices & Accountability Partner Group with a focus on Making It HAPPEN! It’s a group for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Commissioned Professionals, Direct Sales, and Network Marketers to […]

Your STRATEGY = Branding, Prospecting, Marketing, and Sales SUCCESS!

Launching a business is based upon your WHY, purpose, and passion! People care more about WHY you do WHAT you do and the problems you solve and value you bring. It’s not all about your products or services as we buy the result, outcome, or benefit. Consider, you don’t really need a shovel, but you […]

LinkedIn Strategies for SUCCESS!

With the need to network virtually, NOW is the time to leverage the POWER of LinkedIn! It’s essential to maximize your LinkedIn Profile content to successfully connect and engage with like-minded professionals, potential clients, strategic partners, etc. LinkedIn provides the opportunity to engage in the first 2 steps of the Buying/Selling Process. Make an Introduction […]

Goal Setting & Achieving Strategies for SUCCESS!

What does success mean to you?  How are you identifying and implementing goals to support your personal, professional, business, and organizational success?  Creating a Goal Planning Sheet is a powerful tool with four easy steps: Identify obstacles, barriers, and distractions Brainstorm possible solutions Create time-bound action steps Achieve measurable outcomes. If you don’t set your […]

Developing Your Strategic Business Framework!

Strategic Business Planning is essential to articulate your Vision, the “WHY” of your organization, Core Values based upon absolutes that drive decision making, a Mission, the WHAT and HOW, with identified critical goals and action steps based upon your Competitive Edge ~ the value you bring, problems you solve, why do business with you ~ […]