STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS! Best Practice Tip of the Week: Insights & Take-aways

With inspiration from Kelly Johnson of Kelly Johnson Photography, during an interview in her “Ask the Expert” series, I launched, “STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS!”, a Best Practices & Accountability Partner Group with a focus on Making It HAPPEN! It’s a group for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Commissioned Professionals, Direct Sales, and Network Marketers to explore and implement best practices with the support of collaborating with accountability partners.

What if you could engage with like-minded, like-hearted individuals to live your purpose, create your reality, brainstorm big ideas, turn dreams into action, overcome challenges, and strategically pivot with a focus on lifelong learning and personal, professional, business, and organizational growth? Feel free to check out and share STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS! on Mondays from 11:00 am – 12:00 noon EST on Zoom.

Since the Kick-Off of STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS! in September 2020, we have explored how to START with WHY to Drive SUCCESS!, Developing a Competitive Edge, Goal Setting & Achieving Strategies for SUCCESS!, What’s Your WHY for Engaging in Social Media, the Buying/Selling Process, Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial, etc.

When you determine your WHY and your Vision, the big picture of the organization, Core Values based upon absolutes that drive decision making, a Mission, the WHAT and HOW, with identified critical goals and action steps based upon your Competitive Edge (the problems you solve . . . value you bring . . . why do business with you) you can repurpose those important words and phrases into your Marketing & Sales Process.

Monthly Members of STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS! have kicked their social media up a notch, priced their services based upon their value and have become an Investment to their client, rather than an expense, committed to tasks and projects to work not only “IN” their business, but “ON” their business, etc. Be intentional with providing the opportunity for your customers to buy and clients to engage.

Mark your calendar to join us on an upcoming Monday for only $7.00! RSVP here or email Lisa at

Choose to invest your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire!

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