What Does it Really Mean to Work “IN” and “ON” your Business?

Working “IN” your business is the “productivity” related to serving your customers and clients based upon your craft and specialty in the “here and now”. Working “ON” your business is the “strategy” related to branding, marketing, sales, and product development with a focus on “planning for the future”. Working “ON” your business sets the tone […]

Utilizing a One-Pager during your Sales Process!

Based upon your Business Goals, how are you creating and utilizing your one-page overviews? How familiar is your target market with the industry language and jargon throughout your handouts?  When and how are you sharing these during your prospecting, marketing, buying, selling, and commitment process?  During my Discovering Wants and Needs meetings, I use the STAR […]

What’s your Buying/Selling Process?

What if you could provide the opportunity for customers to buy and clients to engage? How are you Making an Introduction, Gaining Favorable Attention, Discovering Wants and Needs, Making Recommendations, and Getting Commitment?   It’s time to Kick-Off 2020 with your optimized Buying/Selling Process! Check out these 5 ideas and let’s plan a time to […]