What Does it Really Mean to Work “IN” and “ON” your Business?

Working “IN” your business is the “productivity” related to serving your customers and clients based upon your craft and specialty in the “here and now”. Working “ON” your business is the “strategy” related to branding, marketing, sales, and product development with a focus on “planning for the future”.

Working “ON” your business sets the tone for a “Return on Investment (ROI)”, receiving “revenue” for your billable hours while working “IN” your business on tasks, projects, and contracts.

Through Illuminations Consulting, I rescue new business owners who create their business by quickly developing a business card, website, and doing some marketing and then soon wonder, “Where are my clients?”. As those same business owners might begin attracting the interest of potential clients, sometimes their sales process isn’t quite in place to proactively provide the opportunity for customers to buy and clients to engage.

I celebrate the opportunity to work with business owners who are great at their craft and specialty, by providing quality and value to their customers and clients AND need to figure out all the business stuff like strategy, branding, marketing, sales, and time. 

When you are ready to take your business to the next level by developing your strategy and competitive edge ~ the problems you solve . . . value you bring . . . why do business with you ~ that drives marketing and sales success, let’s plan a time to chat – about working “ON” your business, so you can get busy working “IN” your business and doing what your LOVE!

Choose to invest your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire!

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