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Best Practices & Accountability Partner Group​

Making It HAPPEN!


Small Business Owners

Commissioned Professionals

Direct Sales

Network Marketers

While we are Social Distancing, it’s a great time to leverage opportunities to plan, market, and share your value. How are you being an intentional, entrepreneurial, and servant business leader?

What if you could engage with like-minded, like-hearted entrepreneurs, small business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers to live your purpose, create your reality, brainstorm big Ideas, turn dreams into action, overcome challenges, and strategically pivot with a focus on lifelong learning and personal, professional, business, and organizational growth?

What's Your Business Stage?

Launch > Start-up > Growth > Expand > Maturity > Succession > Retirement

How would it impact you and your business to be positive, change your mindset, push boundaries, and level up? Are you where you want to be with your WHY, strategy, competitive edge, branding, prospecting, networking, marketing, social media, sales, leadership, communication, and teaming?

Branding > Prospecting > Marketing > Sales = Time & Financial Freedom

What if you could engage in income producing activities, increase your revenue, take your business to the next level, be efficient, effective, and productive, develop peak performers, have work/life passion, and embrace time and financial freedom?

Implement the 5-Step Buying/Selling Process​

Making an Introduction > Gaining Favorable Attention​ > Discovering Wants & Needs​ > Making Recommendations > Getting Commitment​​

How are you providing the opportunity for customers to buy and clients to engage through your marketing and sales process?

Take Action, Get Traction

  1. Do you thrive on the concept that active listening, engagement, and learning sparks inspiration, creativity, innovation, and collaboration?
  2. Would you like to develop trust, respect, and rapport through communication, engagement, collaboration, and accountability?
  3. Are you committed to offer and accept encouragement, support, gratitude, and abundance, while uncovering possibilities, opportunities, and synergy?

If you answered, “YES”, to any or all of these questions, it’s time to Make It HAPPEN!

Engage with Thought Leader, Lisa Heintzelman of Illuminations Consulting

Business Success Consultant​

Sales Strategist & Coach​

Accountability Partner​

Collaborate with Power Partners ​

STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS!

Mondays, 11:00 am – 12:00 noon EST on Zoom​

Best Practices & Accountability Partner Group
Making It HAPPEN!

What you’ll get . . .

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How it works . . .

Your Investment . . .

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Invest Your Time & Energy in Activities to Achieve the Results YOU Desire!

Work Smart . . . Achieve Results . . . Celebrate Often!

What Clients are Saying

Lisa has been an awesome, dedicated business coach who I would definitely recommend to anyone who’s thinking about starting a business or already started one and for those who are already successful entrepreneurs!! Thank you for all your support, Lisa!!
Robin Trueax
My Re-Designed Ride
I am the owner of Always Time for Dancing. I am excited everyday to enhance quality of life and promote social interactions. Lisa is The Coach that helped me transition into my next stage of business. The investment in her services are priceless.
Mandy Kuhn Iglesias
Always Time for Dancing
Lisa is a pleasure to work with. She has over 19 years of experience and excels at what she offers her clients. Lisa is focused on growing your business, helping you to reach your goals and succeed. She is vested in you, a great business coach! I strongly recommend Lisa!
Pam Shugart
Fabulous Facials by Pam