WHY and HOW do I create my Vision Statement?

Your Vision inspires YOU, your strategy, and success! While I know we like to jump right into marketing our business, it will make your branding, marketing, prospecting, and sales process so much easier when you are inspired by your Vision. One of the reasons that we put off creating our Vision is because we want the right answer and to be finished right now.

Brainstorming is the best way to create your Vision Statement. Your Vision is based upon your WHY (Purpose, life, passion, dreams, heart, story, beliefs, inspiration, drive, motivation, strengths). Begin with brainstorming your WHY, knowing that there are NO right or wrong words or phrases.

As you begin to brainstorm your Vision, consider what you and your business will look like and become in the future (big picture) based upon these words, topics, and outcomes . . .
Focused and Clear / Direction / Meaning / Scope / Energizes Action / Realistically High / Potential / Aspire / Vivid / Positive / Inspiring / Success / Clients / Markets / Competitive Edge / Responsive to Change / Picture of Future

Then create your Vision Statement within this format . . .
The Vision of Business Name is to engage with who
to do what – “big result”
how – describe
with a focus on – details
what you want to ultimately want to become

A value that I bring clients is being able to pull the words and phrases out of your head, heart, and soul by listening and asking questions. Let’s plan a time to chat about and create your Vision Statement.

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