What are your Core Values?

Throughout life we define and reflect upon our value.  Your personal beliefs, strengths, communication, and behaviors express your Core Values.  

In today’s global economy, Core Values set the tone of your business. Values represent your priorities and culture ~ what it looks like, feels like, sounds like to engage with you and your organization.  

Core Values are:  

Beliefs which are absolute 

Beliefs for which you will make no exception 

Beliefs which will serve as a basis for decision making 

Here are the Core Values that drive Illuminations Consulting . . . 

Responsiveness ~ Listening to and understanding ideas, needs, and interests

Integrity ~ Developing respect and rapport through communication

Quality ~ Maximizing individual, team, and organizational potential

Collaboration ~ Teaming with strategic partners with a focus on excellence

How are you living your Core Values and making an impact?

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