What are best practices for prospecting pre and post COVID-19?

One of my networking partners asked about prospecting ideas for pre and post COVID-19. Prospecting is all about Making an Introduction and Gaining Favorable Attention. Dropping by businesses and scheduling face-to-face meetings is off the table now. Virtual networking, phone calls, email marketing, and direct mail are booming!

People are available for phone calls, checking their email, and most importantly, as shared at one of my virtual networking events, executives and decision-makers are most likely checking their mailboxes at their offices, rather than a gatekeeper. Bring value and be a problem solver through your prospecting and communication.

Brainstorm how you can best serve your potential clients during these challenging times. How are you listening to and understanding the struggles, issues, and changes of your target market and ideal clients so you can provide a benefit or solution to increase revenue or save time, energy, and dollars?

The best practice focus is to Make an Introduction and Gain Favorable Attention so that you have the opportunity to schedule a call to Discover Wants and Needs and then are asked to Make Recommendations for next steps and Gain Commitment to engage.

How are you investing your time and energy in prospecting to achieve the results YOU desire?

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