Utilizing a One-Pager during your Sales Process!

Based upon your Business Goals, how are you creating and utilizing your one-page overviews? How familiar is your target market with the industry language and jargon throughout your handouts?  When and how are you sharing these during your prospecting, marketing, buying, selling, and commitment process?  During my Discovering Wants and Needs meetings, I use the STAR […]

Why Should I Set Goals?

While some might think that setting goals is not necessary or a waste of time, Goal Setting AND Achieving, as I like to say it, is essential to develop personal and professional habits. Goal planning helps you identify and overcome barriers and obstacles. so you can proactively create routines, accomplish tasks, and achieve results. Consider […]

Goal Setting & Achieving Strategies for SUCCESS!

What does success mean to you?  How are you identifying and implementing goals to support your personal, professional, business, and organizational success?  Creating a Goal Planning Sheet is a powerful tool with four easy steps: Identify obstacles, barriers, and distractions Brainstorm possible solutions Create time-bound action steps Achieve measurable outcomes. If you don’t set your […]