Stop Multitasking to Be Efficient, Effective, and Productive

While I thought that I was good at multitasking, I realized I was confusing multitasking with being aware of the big picture, my surroundings, and specific details.  How many times do you let yourself get interrupted by notifications on your phone or computer, while writing your blog and deciding to “quickly” respond to an email, update your calendar, or answer the phone?  This is NOT multitasking.  It is reducing your efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity.  

If you Google multitasking and brain research, you will find that multitasking is when someone performs two tasks simultaneously.  When in actuality, we are switching from one task to another or performing two or more tasks in rapid succession.  Because we are monotaskers by nature, our brain can only focus on one task at a time, therefore, multitasking costs us time, energy, and dollars.    

Why stop multitasking?   

  • It takes too much time to get back into what you were working on.
  • You need to remember where you were in the process of the task you are returning to. 
  • We are more likely to make a mistake.
  • The more complex or unfamiliar the task, the more time lost.  

Why focus on one task at time?  

  • Priorities and our clients deserve our active, undivided attention. 
  • Complete the task the right way the first time.     
  • Feel less stressed and more accomplished.    
  • Celebrate your results and outcomes.    

The cost of distractions and switching tasks can add up to large amounts of wasted time, energy, and dollars.  Choose to be efficient, effective, and productive!  

Work Smart . . . Achieve Results . . . Celebrate Often!

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