Set the Tone for a Productive Day When Working from Home

I celebrate days when I feel productive and accomplished. This happens when I am organized and focused. I kick off each morning by opening my documents, emails, and websites for the day.

First, I have 4 regular documents I use throughout the day, LinkedIn Comments, Discovering Wants & Needs, STRATEGY Power Sessions for SUCCESS Participants & Investments, and Membership Numbers. I especially like the LinkedIn Comments as I have text, or as I like to say, “power words and phrases” that I can copy and paste into messages that keeps my branding, competitive edge, and processes consistent. Fewer keystrokes on my laptop saves time, energy, and dollars!

Next, I look at my calendar for the day and open the documents and correspondence related to my
meetings and events.

For clients, I open their Working Copy document which includes their Preparation for the next session, so
I have all my notes for our coaching session and next steps.

For my one-on-ones to Discover Wants & Needs, I open our previous correspondence such as emails, LinkedIn messages, along with their LinkedIn Profile and website. This way I am prepared for the meeting because I know how we met, what we might want to chat about, along with the topics and questions I want to learn about as a potential client or strategic referral partner. Discovering Wants & Needs is my SUPERPOWER, so if you’d like to chat about having intentional and productive one-on-ones, let’s plan a time to chat!

For my one-on-ones to Make Recommendations through a Scope of Work, I open our previous correspondence, LinkedIn Profile, website, and I’m ready to share the Scope of Work on Zoom. Magnifying your document to 130% is ideal or if we are meeting by phone, I have my email ready to send to them at the beginning of our call. Here’s your tip of the day . . . Explore your Scope of Work or Proposal directly with your potential client, DO NOT send your Contract by email, especially if you consider yourself to be “consultative” in your process, rather than “transactional”.

For networking events, I open the email to join the meeting. I have a notepad for each Networking Group where I can list the names, businesses, locations, and notes for each person I meet.

Then, I can process next steps after each event of the day to set a one-on-one with someone new I met through networking, thank a networking partner for a meeting, create a Scope of Work for a potential client, order materials and create a Working Copy for a new client, and be prepared for our next Coaching session.

Last, I can reflect upon and celebrate my accomplishments and be prepared for tomorrow!

Work Smart . . . Achieve Results . . . Celebrate Often!

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