Schedule Your Tasks and Income Producing Activities in Your Calendar

While we are working from home, it is a great time to leverage the power of your calendar. To avoid “winging it” and missing opportunities to plan, market, and share your value, consider scheduling your tasks or projects in your calendar.

Block out time to work on projects that are not regular in your schedule. For instance, I am brainstorming “Strategy Sessions for SUCCESS!” and have scheduled 1.5 hours in my calendar to Make It HAPPEN! Otherwise, if I just wrote it on my to-do list, it would keep getting pushed back. I have determined this to be Important & Urgent so it is scheduled, and I will accomplish it!

Schedule your Income Producing Activities (IPA’s). If making 5 phone calls per day is important to your prospecting, then block the time for those 5 days in your calendar. If you don’t make your scheduled calls on Monday, because you got a better offer for a meeting or decided to take advantage of your flexible schedule, you can either reschedule your calls or lose them forever.

Because you determined that making 5 calls per day is essential to your business, reschedule them for another time within your week so you definitely make 25 calls per week. Consider scheduling the variety of your IPA’s such as social media, email marketing, sales calls, meetings, note cards, follow-up, etc.

Scheduling tasks and income-producing activities should not disrupt your overall concept of time flexibility and freedom. Know that engaging in IPA’s provides the opportunity for flexibility and is WORTH the proactive investment of your time, energy, and dollars.

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