How do I share my Value on a Scope of Work or Proposal?

When creating a Scope of Work or Proposal for a client, it should be all about them. Consider beginning with their Priorities and then outlining their Focus and Goal areas along with the Result and Outcomes they will achieve. Then you can share the Deliverables and Statement of Work with the Investment. Finally, you can share your value based upon your Competitive Edge . . .

Illuminations Consulting Success Process Approach and Capability Statement

  • Collaborating with you to Work Smart, Achieve Results, and Celebrate Often!
  • Bridging the gap from where you are now to where you want to be by facilitating processes to achieve measurable results and sustain success!
  • Specializing in individual and team development by working your ABS – Attitudes, Behaviors, Skills
  • Maximizing your leadership potential so you create high-performance organizations!
  • Ensuring businesses maintain a competitive edge in today’s global economy by supporting you to implement innovative solutions and realize your desired results!
  • Linking and Aligning your Vision and Strategy with People and Processes to Sustain SUCCESS!

How are you Making Recommendations to Gain Commitment so customers buy and clients engage?

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