How Do I Respond to and Engage with LinkedIn Connection Requests?

If you engage on LinkedIn, most likely you receive Connection Requests from individuals you don’t know. It’s important to plan and implement your LinkedIn Strategy to decide how to respond. I am interested in connecting with like-minded, like-hearted individuals, who include a photo, about section, and experience based upon my Target Market, Networking, and Power Partners. We don’t know if someone will become our client, strategic referral power partner, raving fan, or know five people we should be introduced to.

Here is a sample response when you receive a LinkedIn Invitation from someone you don’t know . . .

Hi Name,

Thank you for inviting me to connect on LinkedIn. Please introduce yourself and tell me more about Company Name OR your focus as a Role.

How can I support you through our connection?


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Asking how you can support someone through your connection shows how you are interested in developing relationships. Including an invitation to subscribe to your newsletter or offering a giveaway shares your value. You’ll find out quickly if someone is genuinely interested in connecting or just hitting the invite button to rack up connections.

Be intentional about your LinkedIn Strategy based upon your Business Goals. Connect, Engage, and Have FUN! Feel free to invite me to connect.

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