How do I Keep my Google and Online Branding Consistent?

Along with Google, there are multiple online platforms that capture your contact information. Even if you aren’t “on or using” Yelp, Manta, etc., it is essential that your contact information is correct across all digital platforms. Plan a time in your calendar, every 6 months or yearly, to Google your individual name, your business name, and your individual and business name together to review and update your brand listings online.

This is a great time to review and reflect upon your profiles on each platform. By utilizing your Strategic Business Framework ~ Vision, Core Values, Mission, and Competitive Edge, you can repurpose this branding content into the online profile sections to drive marketing, customer loyalty, and results. It’s essential that your ideal client and target market understand the problems you solve and value you bring!

If you don’t necessarily KNOW, LOVE, and LIVE your Power Words and Phrases within your Strategic Business Framework, let’s plan a time to chat!

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