How Do I Invite People to Subscribe to My Email List or Newsletter?

Meeting someone at a networking event or connecting with someone on LinkedIn, does not mean you have permission to add them to your email blasts or newsletters. Per the CAN-SPAM Act, subscribers must opt-in or give permission to be added to your email marketing list. Be meaningful and purposeful with your invitations based upon offering value and solving problems.

This is part of my email signature: How would you like to have “Best Practice Strategies for SUCCESS!” delivered to your inbox to Kick-Off your Month?

This is content that I use with a personal invitation to sign-up for my newsletter that includes WHY and WHAT you’ll receive . . .

Hi ______ ,

I just signed up for your newsletter! Looking forward to reading your content about ______. I invite you to receive “Best Practice Strategies for SUCCESS!”  

Those who see me at networking events or engage with me on LinkedIn or Facebook, know I ask, “How are you investing your time and energy in activities to achieve the results YOU desire?”  The Illuminations Consulting “Best Practice Strategies for SUCCESS!” monthly newsletter focuses on sharing ideas for action and implementation.

Topics include, but are not limited to, entrepreneurship, leadership, management, communication, teaming, marketing, prospecting, sales, time strategies, goal setting, and achieving. What would you like to explore through Illuminating Insights, Articles Inspiring Action, Quality Quotes, Bright Ideas for Inquiring Minds, along with being aware of upcoming Networking Opportunities & Speaking Engagements?   

Here is the link to sign-up today – and have “Best Practice Strategies for SUCCESS!” delivered to your inbox to Kick-Off your Month! 


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