How do I Introduce a Referral by Email?

Making a warm introduction to refer a networking or strategic partner by email is an essential process in your business development. Here is a template that you can personalize based upon your relationship with each individual. Be as specific as possible to streamline the strategic referral process.

Subject Line: Business Name, Business Name, & Illuminations Consulting ~ Optimizing Your SUCCESS!

Hi First Name and First Name,

First and Last Name of Business Name please meet First and Last Name of Business Name. I wanted to introduce the two of you as First Name offers value, product, service, etc. and First Name is interested in ________ and offers value, product, service, etc.

Example for Warm Referral: I wanted to connect the two of you as First Name has been sending handwritten cards during these challenging times.  I mentioned that he might be interested in learning about Send Out Cards to maximize his time.  First Name offers awesome ideas and support to develop and maintain relationships with connections, prospects, and clients.  I think it would be great for the two of you to plan a time for a phone call to chat.   

Example for Strategic Partners: I wanted to introduce the two of you so you could schedule a call to explore opportunities to refer one another and work with, for, and on behalf of mutual clients with your Property & Casualty, Group Insurance, and Financial Services offerings.

I hope this connection is valuable.

Looking forward to hearing about your potential collaboration! 


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