How do I Create my 30-Second Commercial?

Here are best practices for developing your 30-second commercial. Keep it to 4 lines. Be clear, concise, confident, and enthusiastic!

Begin with your Name and Company
Lisa Heintzelman with Illuminations Consulting

  1. State your big result (so we want to know more or wonder how you do that)
    I invest my time and energy in empowering individuals and organizations to be successful!
  2. Add a detail about your target market and what you do
    I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, commissioned professionals, direct sales, and network marketers to develop a strategy and competitive edge ~ the problems you solve . . . value you bring . . . why do business with you?
  3. Add another detail or ask a question based upon your Competitive Edge.
    I also work with organizations to build dynamic management and sales teams with a focus on efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, so that saves you time, energy, and dollars.
  4. Close with your Call to Action or Big Ask!
    While we are Social Distancing, it’s a great time to plan, market, and share your value. Let’s schedule a time to chat about leveraging opportunities!

End with your Name, Business, and Tagline
Lisa Heintzelman, Illuminations Consulting ~ Optimizing Your SUCCESS!

Let’s plan a time to chat about Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial!

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