How Do I Ask for a Recommendation or Testimonial?

It’s essential to create a process for asking a customer for a recommendation and making it easy for a client to share a testimonial.

If someone casually makes a recommendation or testimonial as you are chatting, ask if you can record their thoughts on your phone. Download a Voice Recorder and be prepared to capture their enthusiasm with your work, product, service, etc.

Be sure to be prepared with your links on an Invoice, Survey, Reflections document, Email, Text, Website, etc. as below:

Feel free to share a recommendation or testimonial . . .

Google Reviews
LinkedIn Recommendations
Facebook Reviews

Testimonial – Write a testimonial that can be used on my website and marketing materials. 

Keep a list of your Testimonials to share if a potential customer or client asks for some and utilize them across your website or on a Scope of Work as appropriate. Kudos from a satisfied customer speaks 10x stronger than your voice alone!

I welcome the opportunity to chat with you about how I utilize a Reflections document when we conclude our Success Process to summarize what we’ve learned and accomplished, along with asking for recommendations, referrals, and testimonials.

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