How Do I Ask for a One-on-One Meeting?

Choosing to meet for a one-on-one provides us with the opportunity to learn more about one another for mutual benefit.  Through collaboration we can potentially become customers, clients, power partners, or raving fans, refer one another, work with, for, and on behalf of mutual clients, share and implement best practices, etc. The possibilities are endless and begin with a conversation! Without scheduling meetings, we are leaving opportunities and dollars on the table, after already investing time and energy in networking, social media, etc.

Whether you have just met someone at a networking event, through social media, another introduction, or haven’t chatted with them in a year, it’s time to schedule a meeting to Discover Wants and Needs. Here’s a sample email I send and cc myself to invite individuals to a one-on-one and follow-up as appropriate:

Subject Line: Name of Business & Illuminations Consulting ~ Optimizing Your SUCCESS!

Hi Name,

It was great to meet you at Specific Networking Event or Social Media Conversation. Add a detail from
your initial conversation
.  I welcome the opportunity to plan a time to chat with you and learn more about
Name of Business.  Feel free to use my calendar link to schedule a convenient time.


What’s happening with you and Name of Business? Add a detail from your conversation a year ago. Let’s plan a time to chat and catch up! Feel free to use my calendar link to schedule a convenient time.

Looking forward to collaborating with you! 


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