Explore, Implement, and Reflect upon Best Practices

As a networker and lifelong learner, I’m intrigued about WHY you do WHAT you do and HOW. I recently mentioned at a speaking engagement that I become more dangerous everyday based upon the opportunities to learn about best practices within a variety of industries.

I celebrate that we are crossing from the Information Age into the Experience Age because of technology and the Internet. As a hands-on educator and facilitator, I always thought we should be experiencing and applying our knowledge, rather than just accumulating it. Today, as we learn face-to-face and virtually through books, blogs, workshops, webinars, courses, and conferences, we are gaining much knowledge. My question is, how are you applying that knowledge? We need to integrate that learning into our daily, weekly, and monthly processes.

When I work with clients, we are exploring, implementing, and reflecting upon best practices to take their business to the next level. To engage in reading and then identify action steps, while preparing for our coaching sessions, I suggest . . .

Read / Write Notes / Highlight

Be prepared to Discuss / Reflect / Think / Wonder / Share Ideas

Celebrate Strengths . . . Identify Areas for Growth . . . Consider Ideas to Develop

How many times do you pile workshop notes and handouts on your desk after you just invested time, energy, and dollars in a learning experience to later review and implement when you have time? The time is NOW to consider your takeaways by celebrating what you’re already doing, implementing a new strategy, and stopping a habit that is no longer efficient, effective, and productive.

Learning is Good > Sharing Knowledge is Great > Applying Knowledge is POWER!

How are you Making It HAPPEN?

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