Create a Beginning and End of Day Routine to Feel a Sense of Accomplishment

I often have up to 8 meetings or events per day scheduled in my calendar such as coaching sessions with clients, networking events, business meetings to Discover Wants and Needs, and tasks I want to accomplish. My morning routine consists of opening the Working Copy documents for my clients, opening the emails for the links to Zoom for networking, opening the emails, prior correspondence, LinkedIn profiles, websites, etc. to reference during my one-on-ones, opening emails or documents for tasks I want to accomplish.

Throughout the day I am prepared for all meetings and events. I am excited to engage with my clients and email the Preparation for Next Session. I have my networking event list by my laptop to write down names, businesses, and notes for next steps. I know where I met an individual and I’m enthusiastic to start the conversation with, “Tell me about Name (William) and Business Name (SURE Financial Group) and WHY you do what you do. I have the necessary documents or emails to work on a project or task that’s on my TO DO list.

Now here’s the FUN part! As I complete those meetings, I feel an awesome sense of accomplishment as I send next step emails or messages, delete prior emails I no longer need, save and close completed documents, and close Internet and website windows to “shut down” for the day. Not only is this satisfying, I also know that I completed all next steps for each meeting or event.


How are you beginning, engaging, and closing your day to plan and check-off items on your TO DO list?

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