Attract, Educate, and Engage becomes Know, Like, and Trust

We know the saying, “we work with who we know, like, and trust”. What’s your intentional practice for Making an Introduction and Gaining Favorable Attention that earns the opportunity to Discover Wants and Needs, and then be invited to Make Recommendations that Gain Commitment to engage?

Consider how you are attracting, educating, and engaging with your Target Market and Ideal Clients. Be enthusiastic while networking, sharing valuable content on social media, asking open-ended questions, listening to and understanding their purpose, passion, ideas, and perspectives, while including a Call to Action that promotes conversation and engagement!

Here are my 3 Intentional Practices to Attract, Educate, and Engage:

  1. Participate in multiple networking events per week, where I am excited to learn about
    WHY individuals do WHAT they do and HOW
  2. Post on social media on Monday mornings and engage with the “likes” and “comments”
    throughout the week
  3. Follow-up with my potential clients per our previous conversations and wonder how
    they’re doing and what’s happening with them and their business

How are you being a valuable resource that earns you respect and rapport?

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