Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial!

As networking partners, I wanted to share two opportunities with you . . .

In an effort to enhance networking results, I have launched a “Maximizing Your 30-Second Commercial” online workshop through MyQuest. It’s a tool to create and maximize your introduction to develop relationships and drive sales success.  Maybe it would be of value to you, your clients, or your networking partners.  Here’s the link for more information –  

Attention coaches and consultants!  As you explore my sample landing/registration page, I think the affordable online coaching and training platform, MyQuest, may be a great complement to your coaching.  You could offer some of your workshops online as appropriate and reach a vast audience.    Here’s a link where you can register to see a demo and learn more –

How are you investing your time and energy in networking to achieve the results YOU desire? 

I hope you find this valuable! 

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